Dive into a world where manga comes to life in a completely new way with board games inspired by your favorite series. These captivating games allow you to relive the adventures, battles, and intrigues of the most popular manga while providing an interactive and immersive gaming experience.
Take on the roles of your favorite heroes, such as Naruto, Luffy, or Goku, and embark on epic quests across beautifully illustrated game boards.

Whether you’ve been a manga fan since childhood or have just discovered this fascinating universe, our games let you enjoy moments of fun and competition with your friends while exploring fantastic worlds and encountering legendary characters.

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Our manga games

To please both the young and the young at heart !

Dragon Ball

Discover our special Capsule Corp and Kame ha me ha games !
Perfect for satisfying fans of this anime with over 500 episodes !


One Piece

Discover our games dedicated to the One Piece universe.
Play as the Straw Hat crew and relive all their adventures, but beware of pirates and Marines who will stop at nothing to plunder your ship and capture you!



Dive into the epic ninja world of Naruto with board games inspired by this legendary series. These captivating games allow you to relive the thrilling adventures of Naruto Uzumaki and his friends, immersing yourself in a world filled with action, strategy, and powerful jutsus.


More fun than ever !

Live a unique experience of sharing and conviviality through our light, rhythmic and quirky games …


For all ages

Games designed for young and old to play and have fun together!


For all occasions

Mood games to liven up evenings, family gatherings and birthday parties.


Something for everyone

New games and varied concepts that appeal to enthusiasts and casual gamers alike…


For maximum fun

Quickly explained game rules for hours of fun.