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Optimo !


2-8 players

10/15 min

Educational games

Jeu de société Optimo


2-8 players

10/15 min

Educational games

Optimo !

The right word at the right pace!

OPTIMO is a fast and clever word game where your quick thinking matters to find the best word that matches the cards in play.



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How to Play ?

In Optimo! Pocket, players compete to find the greatest number of words that best match the constraints given in each round.

Mascotte Topi-gamesDrapeau qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesCadeau qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesTrophée qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesCible qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-games

42 double sided cards

icône durée - sablier

1 hourglass


How does the game end?

The game ends at the end of the deck, which is after 13 rounds.

What do we need to play?

You will need a sheet of paper, a pen, a timer, and the Optimo game.

How many can play at once?

You can play Optimo with 2 to 8 players.


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