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2-6 players

20/45 min

Family games

Jeu de société Studytracks


2-6 players

20/45 min

Family games


Who has never dreamed of having a celebrity as a teacher? Today, it’s possible!

Studytracks, the game that will allow you to learn in a playful and fun way, from primary school to high school. All the lessons included in the game have been written and designed by teachers who are specialists in their subjects. Discover more than 1,800 songs performed by 36 celebrities.

Studytracks is a game in collaboration with the app of the same name.

To play it, you will also need to download the app, available on IOS and Android.



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Jeu de société Studytracks

How to Play ?

Learn through song with this unique educational game! Improve your learning and enhance memorization through music. The lyrics have been developed by teachers based on school curriculum and cover all subjects.
Create your account on the Studytracks app (available on all IOS & Android devices), then start listening to the song. Afterward, answer the questions that are asked!

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1 game board

8 pawns

300 lesson cards

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How can you access the app?

To access the app, you can download it on IOS and Android. Simply sign up once the app is launched, and you’re good to go!

Do the Studytracks lessons follow National Curriculum?

Yes, all the courses are approved by the French Ministry of National Education. The courses follow the 2021 curriculum.

What do you need the app for?

The application will allow you to listen to the songs (lessons). Without the application, you won’t be able to play the game.

Will the celebrities present actually teach me?

It’s a dream come true for some, because yes, 36 celebrities will sing you all the lessons available on the application.

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