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Giochi da tavolo adatti ai bambini dai 5 anni in su

Immergiti nel mondo ludico dei giochi da tavolo appositamente progettati per bambini dai 5 anni in su. I nostri giochi avvincenti offrono un’esperienza adatta al loro sviluppo, stimolando la creatività, la coordinazione e la socialità.

Avventure colorate e educative incoraggiano l’apprendimento mentre ci si diverte, rendendo ogni partita un’opportunità di risveglio. Con regole semplici e temi avvincenti, questi giochi permettono ai più piccoli di sviluppare competenze e al contempo rafforzare i legami familiari.

Esplora la nostra selezione e regala ai tuoi figli momenti gioiosi e arricchenti che li accompagneranno nella loro crescita. Giochi che fanno rima con educazione e intrattenimento per ore di divertimento in famiglia!

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La nostra selezione di giochi da tavolo per dai 5 anni in su

Giochi da tavolo pensati e creati per bambini dai 5 anni in su!
Packshot du jeu de société Sauve ton Permis

Save your Licence!

Become a driving ace without falling into the trap! Challenge each other using your knowledge of road signs, placed in extreme situations. Anything goes, but be careful not to lose all your points…


Jeu de société Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry – Cheese Dash

Help Jerry in his quest for cheese without getting caught by Tom.Create the best paths to win the super cheese. Tom and Jerry offers two game modes: A cooperative mode for 2 to 4 players starting at the age of 4 and a competitive mode against each other.


Jeu de société Optimo

Optimo !

The right word at the right pace! OPTIMO is a fast and clever word game where your quick thinking matters to find the best word that matches the cards in play.


Jeu de société Fun academy

Fun Academy Junior

Let’s be serious, let’s play! Your mission, if you choose to accept it: gather a sequence of 5 cards of different colors as fast as you can while avoiding the attacks of your opponents, who will do whatever they can to score the most points and win.


Jeu de société Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo – The Haunted Fairground

Take on the role of one of the famous detectives and try to stop the monster haunting the amusement park.


Jeu de société Bonsoir de Mcfly et Carlito

Bonsoir ! By McFly & Carlito

Good evening! How are we? Are you ready? We’ve adapted and combined all your favourite videos into a single board game that, let’s not lie, rocks. Each square on the board invites you to take on a challenge: Randomly calling people, Anecdote Contests, Mix’N’Twist, Synonym Blind Tests, the Double BAC quiz, Overrated/Underrated, and more. SO, WHO AMONG YOU WILL GET THE MOST LIKES?  


Jeu de société Ta mère en slip 2

Your mom in knickers 2

Try to guess the combination you have on your glasses! All the players will discover the characters at the same time. It usually starts with a general burst of laughter! There are hundreds of wacky combinations, making it perfect for playing with friends at home or outdoors. Put on your glasses and have a good laugh!


Boite 2 Puzzles 49 pièces Echappées Belles - ANIMAUX

ÉCHAPPÉES BELLES – Animals – 2 X 49 pieces

Explore the animal world with this set of two puzzles, each made up of 49 pieces. Inspired by the captivating images of the show “Échappées Belles” on France 5, these puzzles transport you into scenes of nature.   Discover the majesty of the African savannah with an elephant roaming in its natural habitat. Then, immerse yourself in the bucolic charm of a meadow where cows graze peacefully.   This box set offers an immersive experience in two distinct animal worlds, ideal for the whole family.


Boite 2 Puzzles Zig & Sharko - 49 pièces

ZIG & SHARKO – 2 x 49 pieces

Zig, a hungry hyena, hatches the most insane plans to eat Marina, a carefree mermaid. But that’s without counting on Sharko, a burly shark, who does everything to protect his friend! Come and have a fun and friendly time with this 208 piece puzzle to rediscover their gags!


One Piece - Remember Challenge Game box

One Piece – Remember Challenge

Imagine yourself immersed in the captivating One Piece Remember Challenge, a game designed to test the limits of your visual memory. Your mission: skillfully remember the details of the 3 decks, each containing 30 unique cards with 2 levels of complexity. Who will be the first to reveal the mysterious hidden pairs or triples and thus collect the most cards at the end of this exciting game?


Ta Mère en Slip 1 Boite de jeux

Your mum in knickers

Guess the combination on your glasses!   All players will discover their characters at the same time. It often starts with a general laughter! There are hundreds of wacky combinations, making it a perfect game to play with friends, whether at home or outdoors. Put on your glasses and have fun!


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