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Boite du Puzzle 100 pièces Echappées Belles - VENISE


1 player or more

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Immerse yourself in the heart of magnificent Venice with this 100-piece puzzle, capturing all the splendor of the city of canals. Inspired by the enchanting beauty of the Venetian lagoon, this puzzle invites you to feel the unique atmosphere of the Serenissima.

Let yourself be transported by the magic of the gondolas as they glide peacefully. Inspired by the timeless beauty of this iconic destination, each blend brings you one step closer to wonder.



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Dimensions du Puzzle Echappées Belles - VENISE 100 pièces

The world of puzzles

Whether the world of puzzles is your favorite field or you are taking your first steps in this world of reflection, this 100 piece puzzle will meet your expectations. Perfect for gift giving occasions, it will make both children and adults happy!
This puzzle is not only a challenge for the mind, but also a window into the captivating charm and history of the land of the Vikings, transforming each assembly into a discovery of its landscapes and cultural treasures.

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What types of materials do your puzzles use?

All of our puzzles use premium materials which have obtained FSC certification, guaranteeing the good management of forests and their protection.

Is the puzzle difficult for children?

The number and size of pieces are tailored to their skill level to enable them to solve the puzzle successfully.

Is the puzzle durable?

Yes, the puzzle pieces are thick enough to avoid bending or deforming easily.

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