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Everyone Investigate – A game by Natoo


2-6 players

30/45 min

Ambiance games

Jeu de société Tout le monde enquête - image transparente


2-6 players

30/45 min

Ambiance games

Everyone Investigate – A game by Natoo

Lead the investigation and discover the culprits of various bizarre crimes and misdemeanors happening in Mysteryville!

Be the first to find the culprit, their motive, and the mystery object they used to commit the crime using sketched portraits and witness statements. But beware of baseless clues. Pay attention to the behavior of other players so you can expose them!



Il nostro gioco è vittima del suo successo. Torna presto per ordinarlo!

Carte témoignage du jeu de société de Natoo - Tout le monde enquête

How to Play ?

Choose one of the provided scenarios. Determine the culprit through your investigation. Collect the evidence that will incriminate the culprit. Search for the testimonies that will sway your judgment and create the portrait sketch of the player guilty of the crime or misdemeanor.

Mascotte Topi-gamesDrapeau qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesCadeau qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesTrophée qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesCible qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-games

1 game board


60 Motive cards

20 Luck cards

72 Witness cards


20 Challenge cards

36 Identity cards

13 Object tokens


How does the game start?

Choose one of 10 scenarios, which one player should read aloud to the others.

How do you win the game?

The winner is the player who gets to the police station first with
the name of the mystery object
the 3 motives
the identities and portraits of the players

How do you win second place?

You must be elected “best actor”.


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