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championnat de jeux de société

02/02/2024 – Lecture 3 min

5 things to know about board game championships!

At the heart of the board game universe, championships reveal unexpected facets that captivate players’ imaginations. Explore with us these unusual surprises and discover iconic championships that punctuate the gaming scene in France and Europe.

Unusual challenges:
Championships do not just stick to classic games. Some events dare to have atypical challenges, mixing skill, speed, and even improvisation. Imagine a championship where participants must create a board game in real-time or take on creative challenges using existing game pieces. These unexpected challenges add a unique playful dimension to the competition.

The concept of ‘underground’ championships:
Alongside major events, an ‘underground’ championship scene emerges, often organized by passionate communities. These championships stand out for their unconventional rules, unknown games, and relaxed atmosphere. They are an opportunity for players to venture off the beaten path and discover alternative gaming experiences.

Role-playing game championships:
Beyond board games, role-playing game championships are gaining popularity. These immersive competitions immerse participants in fantastical worlds where storytelling and imagination are celebrated. The challenges test players’ creativity, thus opening up new gaming perspectives.

Event championships:
Temporary championships are born during special events. For example, the board game championship at a music festival or comic book convention. These intersections of cultural universes offer unique experiences, where enthusiasts from different backgrounds come together to share their love of gaming.

Must-visit events in France and Europe:
In France, the ‘Festival International des Jeux de Cannes’ hosts a Carcassonne world championship every year, showcasing strategists from around the world. Across the English Channel, the ‘UK Games Expo’ offers a diverse championship, including classic games and innovative creations, attracting players of all levels.

Between unprecedented challenges, underground championships, and extraordinary events, board game championships reveal a surprising panorama. Embark on this playful exploration where tradition and creativity come together to offer unique experiences to board game enthusiasts in France and beyond our borders.


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