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Our Asterix board games

Immerse yourself in the hilarious and adventure-filled world of the famous Gauls with our Asterix and Obelix board games. Take on the Romans, explore exotic lands, and defend the village of indomitable Gauls in exciting challenges for the whole family. Whether you’re a fan of strategy or hilarious challenges, these games promise hours of entertainment in the thrilling world of our favorite heroes!

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Deuxième vue éclatée du jeu de société Astérix- Les Défis

Asterix – The Challenges

To mark the village’s anniversary, challenges are planned to celebrate our heroes’ exploits. Choose your favorite character and relive Asterix’s journeys through Egypt, Belgium, Corsica, Greece, and all of Gaul by competing with your loved ones!

Discover the game

The challenges ?

During your game, several challenges will be presented to you: The Palace of Cleopatra, The Pirates, or even The Olympic Games!
It’s up to you to prove that the Gauls are truly indomitable!




Become a Gaulish Hero !

May luck be with you in this adventure where humor, cooperation, and cunning are your best allies!

Win the game !

Each challenge earns a token. The player with the most tokens will be declared the Grand Winner!

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Vue éclatée du jeu de société Astérix-Remember challenge

Astérix – Challenge Remember

Welcome to the mischievous and adventurous world of Asterix – Challenge Remember! Dive into this captivating memory game where each card unveils a fragment of the famous Gauls’ exploits.

Discover the game

Multiple difficulty levels available.

You have at your disposal three sets of 30 distinct cards to memorize, accompanied by two levels of difficulty.




Win the game !

Once all pairs or triples have been found, the player with the highest number wins the game!

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They explain it better than us !

La Toile des Jeux – Asterix Challenges Unboxing by Topi-games!!!

To mark the village’s anniversary, challenges are organized to celebrate our heroes’ adventures, and everyone can participate!
Asterix, Obelix, Vitalstatistix, Impedimenta, Panacea, Geriatrix, Fulliautomatix, Unhygienix, Getafix, Cacofonix, and even Dogmatix are all present!
Embody your favorite character and relive Asterix’s adventures by challenging your loved ones!

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