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dragon ball z

18/ 08/ 2023 – Lecture 2 min

DBZ KAKAROT: The New DLC with ‘Young Adult Goku’ !

Nostalgic Arc Comes to Life
The Dragon Ball saga is nothing short of a pillar of popular culture, a global phenomenon that has touched several generations of fans. However, even among this ocean of arcs, battles, and transformations, some moments stand out as particularly memorable. It’s in this vein that the new DLC for Dragon Ball Kakarot dives into, bringing players back to the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament arc, a key moment in the journey of young adult Goku.

A Lesser-Known but Beloved Goku
Goku as a young adult is a period often overlooked in games dedicated to the franchise, making this new downloadable content even more exciting. It’s a nostalgic return to a time when every blow carried weight, when the stakes were high but personal, and when the hero had not yet become the universal icon he is today.

Revamped Combat Mechanics
This DLC does more than just add a new narrative arc to the game; it also changes the rules of combat in a way that should both intrigue and challenge players. Unlike the base game where characters could fly at will, here, feet remain firmly on the ground. This limitation drastically changes the dynamics of combat, forcing players to revise their strategies and focus more on positioning and ground movements.
The second significant modification in the gameplay mechanics is the management of ki. While in the base game, players could often afford to spend their energy without too much concern, the DLC imposes stricter restrictions. Ki becomes a precious resource to be managed carefully, adding an extra layer of tension and strategy to every battle.

Characters True to the Manga
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this DLC is the fidelity to the characters as they are depicted in the manga. Each fighter in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament arena will have their own abilities, perfectly reflecting their portrayal in the original manga. This is sure to delight long-time fans who will happily encounter characters with iconic skills and moves.

Why This DLC Matters
This DLC is more than just an addition of content; it is a celebration of what makes Dragon Ball so special. It reminds us of a simpler but no less intense time in the series’ history. It captures the essence of the battles in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament arc and offers players the opportunity to relive those moments in an interactive format while challenging their skills with new gameplay mechanics.


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