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matériaux de jeu de société

01/22/2024 – Lecture 4 min

A look at the materials that shape our entertainments

Beyond the excitement of intense game sessions and friendly evenings, the world of board games harbors well-kept secrets. In this seemingly playful universe, each component takes on crucial importance, giving a unique identity to each game. Investigation into the materials that weave the invisible threads of our entertainments.

Cardboard, the undisputed pillar of playful creation:
When delving into the mysteries of board game creation, cardboard emerges as the omnipresent material. From game boards to the boxes that enclose them, cardboard stands as an essential pillar. Its versatility and ability to adapt to all forms make it the preferred support of game designers.

Wood and metal, the ancients in the service of the new:
While cardboard provides the base, wood and metal bring the touch of authenticity. Game pieces, dice, and other game elements are adorned with these noble materials, imparting unparalleled elegance to the games. The natural texture of wood and the robustness of metal serve as reminders of the antiquity of the game, even in its adaptation to the modern world.

Plastic, a controversial material in the gaming universe:
However, the invasion of plastic into the gaming realm is not without raising questions and debates. Often criticized for its environmental impact, plastic remains indispensable in the manufacturing of certain game elements. The industry is now seeking responsible alternatives to preserve playability without sacrificing the planet.

Cards, papers, and the art of storytelling:
At the heart of board games, cards reveal themselves as essential narrative fragments. The choice of papers and textures then becomes an artistic and technical decision. Each card tells a story, and every detail influences the players’ immersive experience.

The Emergence of Innovations: Unusual materials for unique experiences:
Far from resting on past achievements, the industry explores new horizons. Unusual materials such as silicone, fabric, and even electronic components make their way into contemporary board games, creating unprecedented sensory experiences.

Thus, behind every moment of conviviality lie meticulous choices of materials. The world of board games transforms through these decisions, shaping playful experiences that, beyond entertainment, reflect the evolutions of our society. Board games are no longer mere pastimes but cultural objects, ephemeral works of art in which the history of our time unfolds.
Come read how TOPI GAMES selects eco-friendly materials.


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