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Puzzle sous forme d'ampoule illustrant la création d'un jeu de société

01/17/2024 – Lecture 2 min read

How are board games created?

Creative genesis: from ideas to concepts
Board games, witnesses to human ingenuity, arise from a creative spark. It all begins with a captivating idea, a concept that will appeal to players of all backgrounds. When it comes to games based on licenses such as Harry Potter, Naruto, or Dragon Ball Z, creators strive to merge the popular appeal of these universes with innovative gameplay mechanics. This is precisely what Jonathan Algaze, the founder and CEO of TOPI GAMES, has done. He has opened the doors of his workshop to let you discover his passion for board games and how they are created.

Design and collaboration: shaping the gaming experience
After the emergence of the idea, the design process takes center stage! Game designers juggle with mechanics, rules, and visual elements to create an immersive experience. Close collaboration with license holders is essential, as it ensures that the game faithfully respects the aesthetics and essence of the brand while bringing a new and captivating touch.

Prototyping and refinement: the game takes shape
The journey of a board game goes through a crucial prototyping phase. Creators test their concepts with prototypes, gather player feedback, and refine gameplay. This iterative step ensures the balance, playability, and originality of the game. Graphics and components are also polished to create a visual aesthetic that immerses players in a world where reality and fiction meet.

From design to reality: production and distribution
Once the game is perfected, it is ready to move on to production. This step involves manufacturing components, printing the board and cards, as well as final assembly. Games based on licenses benefit from access to rich visual resources from the well-established universes of partner brands. Marketing and distribution follow, offering board game enthusiasts worldwide the chance to immerse themselves in unforgettable adventures, shaped by creativity and passion.

Thus, the creation of a board game is a complex fusion of ideas, passion, and collaboration, shaping unforgettable gaming experiences for board game enthusiasts of all ages!


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