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01/31/2024 – Lecture 3 min

The keys to becoming a board game tester: a practical guide

Discovering the world of board game testing and turning your passion into a rewarding career requires a deep understanding of the process and necessary steps. Here is a detailed guide to help you take the right steps.

Passion and commitment:
First and foremost, a passion for board games is the starting point. Having a deep knowledge of the gaming world, an understanding of game mechanics, and a passion for innovation are major assets.

Studies and training:
While not an absolute requirement, studies in fields such as game design, game journalism, or arts and culture can provide a solid foundation. Additionally, specific game testing training, often offered by organizations or online, can refine your evaluation skills.

Joining the gaming community:
Getting involved in the gaming community is a crucial step. Attend events, participate in game fairs, and join specialized online groups. These platforms are often sources of opportunities to meet game designers, publishers, and discover job postings.

Broadening horizons:
Do not limit your expertise to a specific type of game. As a tester, versatility is an asset. Explore different genres, styles, and game mechanics to enrich your experience and your ability to evaluate various creations.

Applying for testing positions:
Follow recruitment announcements on publishers’ websites, on social media dedicated to board games, and on specialized forums. Some companies offer in-house game tester positions, while others look for external contributors.

Developing skills:
The role of a tester requires specific skills such as objectivity, the ability to provide constructive feedback, and clear communication. Develop these skills by actively participating in discussion groups, writing game reviews, or creating your own specialized blog.

Building a portfolio:
Document your experiences as a tester. Create a portfolio that highlights the games you have worked on, your feedback, and your contributions to game improvement.

By following these steps, you can gradually turn your passion for board games into a rewarding career as a tester. The gaming industry is dynamic, and your role as a tester can contribute to shaping the future successes of the gaming world.


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