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01/19/2024 – Lecture 3 min

Behind the scenes of choosing materials for our board games

When it comes to creating exceptional board games, the choice of materials is a crucial step. Our commitment to sustainability and quality is reflected in every decision, from the materials we use to our logistical choices.

Cardboard, a pillar of sustainability:
At the heart of our sustainable approach, cardboard emerges as the preferred choice for manufacturing our games. This versatile material not only provides a solid base for our board games, but it is also recyclable, reinforcing our commitment to the environment. As an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified company, we ensure that the cardboard we use comes from responsible and sustainably managed sources.

Eco-responsible commitment with the FSC label:
As an eco-responsible label, FSC ensures that our sourcing practices adhere to the strictest standards of sustainable forest management. Choosing FSC certified materials contributes to forest preservation and promotes an environmentally friendly wood industry.

Plastic and emissions reduction:
Plastic reduction is a priority at TOPI GAMES. We actively explore ecological alternatives to minimize our environmental impact. Additionally, we opt for less polluting transport solutions, thereby contributing to limiting our carbon footprint throughout the logistics chain.

Towards a playful and responsible future:
Material choice is not just a technical decision, but a commitment to a playful and responsible future. At TOPI GAMES, we continuously innovate to create board games that not only delight players but also contribute to preserving our planet.

By integrating sustainable materials, eco-responsible practices, and environmentally friendly logistical solutions, we shape a gaming experience that transcends the boundaries of play to embrace a broader vision of sustainability. Material choice is the first step towards a greener gaming world.


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