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Movies & Series

Discover the excitement and adventure of legendary films and sagas through these captivating board games, which will immerse you in the heart of your favorite cinematic universes.

Whether you’re a fan of science fiction, magic, or fantasy, these board games inspired by famous films or sagas will allow you to relive your favorite moments and create new exciting stories with your friends and family. Get ready for total immersion and hours of entertainment by diving into these extraordinary worlds!

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Our Movies and Series

To please both the young and the old !

Harry Potter

Expelliarmus, expecto patronum… Enter the world of Harry Potter. Games for the whole family, but also for a Hogwarts enthusiast.
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Affiche du jeu Harry Potter Wizarding World 2

The Lord of the Rings

Frodo and the Fellowship confront the darkness to save Middle-earth. Heroic quest, epic battles, and sacrifices define this adventure. From the Shire to Mordor, an epic where hope defies the shadow. Will you be unbeatable in our trivia games during the bivouacs on the road to Mount Doom?
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Affiche Le Seigneur des Anneaux - L'anneau

Great Escapes

Travel show on France 2, hosted by enthusiasts who explore cultures, landscapes, and ways of life around the world. Discover our range of puzzles based on these programs.
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Plage échappées belles puzzles topi games


Enter the dark and tumultuous streets of Gotham City with our board games inspired by Batman. Put on your cape and cowl, embody the famous Dark Knight, and fight against the forces of crime threatening the city.
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Logo Batman topi games jeux de société

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Experience a unique sense of sharing and conviviality through our light, lively, and quirky games…


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Games designed for both young and old to play and have fun together !


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Original games and diverse concepts that appeal to enthusiasts as well as casual players…


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