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Discover the excitement and adventure of legendary films and sagas through these captivating board games, which will immerse you in the heart of your favorite cinematic universes.

Whether you’re a fan of science fiction, magic or fantasy, these board games inspired by famous films or sagas will allow you to relive your favorite moments and create exciting new stories with your friends and family. Prepare for total immersion and hours of entertainment as you dive into these extraordinary worlds!

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Harry Potter

Expelliarmus, expecto patronum… Enter the world of Harry Potter. Games for the whole family but also for a Hogwarts buff

Dessin du château de Poudlard dans Harry Potter à la tombée de la nuit


Enter the dark and tumultuous streets of Gotham City with our Batman-inspired board games. Put on your cape and cowl, play as the famous Dark Knight and fight against the forces of crime that threaten the city.

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