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ÉCHAPPÉES BELLES – Animals – 2 X 49 pieces


1 player or more

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Boite 2 Puzzles 49 pièces Echappées Belles - ANIMAUX


1 player or more

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ÉCHAPPÉES BELLES – Animals – 2 X 49 pieces

Explore the animal world with this set of two puzzles, each made up of 49 pieces. Inspired by the captivating images of the show “Échappées Belles” on France 5, these puzzles transport you into scenes of nature.


Discover the majesty of the African savannah with an elephant roaming in its natural habitat. Then, immerse yourself in the bucolic charm of a meadow where cows graze peacefully.


This box set offers an immersive experience in two distinct animal worlds, ideal for the whole family.


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Dimensions des Puzzles 2X49 pièces Echappées Belles - Animaux

The world of puzzles

Whether the world of puzzles is your favorite field or you are taking your first steps in this world of reflection, these two 49-piece puzzles will meet your expectations. Perfect for gift giving occasions, they will make children happy!
This puzzle is not only a challenge for the mind, but also a window into the captivating charm and history of our world, transforming each assemblage into a discovery of landscapes and cultural treasures.

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What types of materials do your puzzles use?

All of our puzzles use premium materials which have obtained FSC certification, guaranteeing the good management of forests and their protection.

Can this puzzle be complex for younger children?

The number and size of pieces are tailored to their skill level to enable them to solve the puzzle successfully.

Is the puzzle durable?

Yes, the puzzle pieces are thick enough to avoid bending or deforming easily.

Are the puzzles big?

The two puzzles measure 21cm x 21cm. You can easily hang them in a suitable frame.

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