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Save Your Planet !


2-8 players

30/45 min

Educational games

Save Your Planet ! Game Box


2-8 players

30/45 min

Educational games

Save Your Planet !

Complete your objective given by the mission card at the beginning of the game. Replace the polluted energy spaces with renewable energy. Discover a new way to learn about polluting and renewable energies!


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Vue éclatée du jeu de société Sauve la planète

How to play ?

A participatory game for the whole family!

Your mission: save the planet by replacing polluting energies with renewable energies on the world map. Answer questions about the environment, nature, or ecology to change the future of humanity and raise awareness!

But beware of events that can change the course of the game and propel your opponents toward victory!!

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1 board

264 renewable energy tokens

30 Objectives cards


125 Question cards

2 cursor tokens

40 Event Cards


18 drawing cards

1 dice


What’s the aim of the game?

The aim of the game is to replace fossil fuels with renewable energies such as solar panels, wind turbines, dams, etc.

How do you win?

The game ends when a player has completed the mission specified on their objective card.

Can you play in teams?

Yes, if you have enough players, it is recommended to form 2 or 3 intergenerational teams to play.


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