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01/18/2024 – Lecture Reading time 2 min

Explore our board games in your favorite stores!

At TOPI GAMES, we are proud to share our passion for board games with iconic stores across France. Discover the diversity of our collection available in these renowned establishments, offering a playful experience with each visit and making our games more accessible to everyone!

King Jouet and JouéClub: a world of games at your fingertips
Visit King Jouet and JouéClub, where our selection of board games thrives in an environment dedicated to fun and adventure. These renowned stores are valuable partners, offering a variety of games for all ages, from lively evenings with friends to family moments, reflecting our commitment to diversity and quality.

Major retailers – Fnac, Leclerc, and Carrefour: easy access to playful diversity
Our board games are also available in renowned retailers such as Fnac, Leclerc, and Carrefour. These big names in distribution offer you easy access to our diverse range, allowing you to browse shelves filled with exciting options for every occasion.

MATCH supermarkets and Nature et Découvertes: playful surprises around the corner
Explore the aisles of MATCH supermarkets and Nature et Découvertes, where our selection of board games seamlessly integrates with the spirit of these places. These family destinations not only offer quality products but also playful surprises that will liven up your relaxation moments.

At TOPI GAMES, our commitment to diversity and quality is reflected in every corner of these stores. We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to discover and acquire our board games in these prestigious establishments. Visit your favorite store and immerse yourself in the exciting universe of board games.


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