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Groupe d'enfants jouant aux cartes à côté d'une piscine

18/04/2024 – Reading 3 min

The best portable board games for vacation !

The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s time to pack your bag for the adventure that awaits. But who said you have to sacrifice the joy of board games while traveling? Certainly not us! Here’s a selection of the best board games to bring with you this summer!

1. Uno :
For fast-paced and exhilarating rounds, nothing beats Uno! This timeless card game is perfect for playing anytime, whether at the beach, on the train, or even while waiting for your restaurant order. With its simple rules and touch of strategy, it’s ideal for entertaining both young and old alike.
2. Dobble :
With its round cards and compact size, Dobble is the ideal game to take on vacation. This observation and speed game will test your reflexes and your ability to spot identical symbols. Perfect for playing on the beach, on a terrace, or even during a car journey.
3. Mito :
A bluff and deduction game in a compact format, Mito is perfect for travel. Players must discard their cards by lying about the cards they play, but beware of getting caught! Its small size makes it an ideal travel companion for quick and lively games. 

4. Hive Pocket :
Craving a strategy game without a board or pieces to lose? Hive Pocket is made for you. This abstract game is played solely with insect-shaped tiles, making it perfect for traveling light. Its small carrying bag allows you to take it anywhere and challenge your friends in tactical matches where every move counts.

5. Almost True :
Each card is packed with unusual information, but beware, they can be true, false, or almost true! This engaging and entertaining game is perfect for relaxed evenings with family or friends during your travels. Compact and easy to carry, “Almost True” ensures moments of laughter and surprise wherever you go. 

6. Dare, Truth or not :
THE ultimate version of the classic truth or dare game, reimagined for even more thrilling holidays! This game dares you with hilarious actions and truth questions that are even more surprising. Compact and easy to carry, “Dare, Truth, or Not” promises moments of laughter and bonding with friends or family, whether at the beach, camping, or in your vacation rental!
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