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Wonder Woman

24/08/2023 – Lecture 2 min

The first “leak” of the Wonder Woman game!

The world of video games is a place where even the tiniest morsel of information can cause a storm. And this time, it’s an accidental leak, of all things, that’s causing a sensation. The story begins quite unassumingly, with a developer sharing concept art from the upcoming Wonder Woman video game as their LinkedIn profile picture. But in no time, the internet does what it does best: it shares, it comments, and, most importantly, it ignites.

The Concept Art: Three Faces of Diana
The visual in question is far from ordinary. It shows Diana, aka Wonder Woman, in three different outfits. The first is classic, the one we all have in mind when we think of the heroine: leather, lasso, and a look of determination. The second version is dressed in traditional Amazonian attire, perhaps a sign of a return to the character’s roots in the game’s plot. And the last one? A futuristic armor that looks like nothing we’ve seen before. Three versions, three eras, or three universes? Speculations are running wild.

An Original Story
To date, we have only a few breadcrumbs of information about this highly anticipated game. What we know is that the game will feature an original story within the DC universe. There’s no direct link to the movies or comics, giving the developers immense creative freedom. Only a brief teaser was revealed at The Game Awards 2021, enough to build excitement but not enough to quench our thirst for knowledge.

The Butterfly Effect: The Repercussions of the Leak
The developer, of course, removed the image from their LinkedIn profile, but as they say, once it’s on the internet, it’s there to stay. This leak, whether accidental or a disguised marketing stunt, has generated a wave of anticipation that will only grow as we approach the release date. For better or worse, this image is now an integral part of the game’s marketing campaign, even if it wasn’t initially intended to be.

Of course, all this buzz generates excitement, but it also creates astronomically high expectations. Fans will be scrutinizing every detail, every aspect of the game to see if it aligns with what they’ve imagined – or not. The final product will have to live up to these expectations because it’s not just a game; it’s a title bearing the weight of one of the most iconic superheroines of all time.


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