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Jeu de société le plus cher au monde

22/01/2024 – Lecture 2 min

The Chess Jewel: Explore the World’s Most Expensive Board Game

In the refined universe of board games, a rare jewel shines brightly: the “Jewel Royale Chess Set.” This luxurious creation, valued at an impressive $10 million, transcends the boundaries of chess to become an exceptional work of art.

The chess treasure: jewel royale chess set
This exceptional chessboard, born from a collaboration between Boodles and Jewel Royale, has sparked numerous speculations since its announcement. To put an end to rumors, a piece has been unveiled, that of the king. In 18-carat gold, adorned with rubies, this majestic king is priced at €55,768, defying fanciful speculations suggesting an astronomical price of €123,946. Boodles has officially set the total cost of this luxurious chessboard at €1,249,249, available for custom order. A sumptuous investment that requires not only wealth but also patience, as each order takes four months for production and shipping.

The brilliance of diamonds and sapphires: a $9.8 million chessboard
The world of chess has also adorned itself with luxury with the “Jewel Royale Chess Set” manufactured in 2005 by Boodles, a British jewelry house. Made of solid gold and platinum, this chessboard dazzles with nearly 1000 rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. Most pieces have a helical shape, except for the sculptures of horses, with striking realism serving as knights. Valued at an impressive $9.8 million, the “Jewel Royale” transcends the simple game to become a precious heirloom.

The meeting of art and play: a chessboard worthy of a royal court
Thus, the “Jewel Royale Chess Set” becomes a living testimony to the union between the art of the game and jewelry excellence. More than just a strategic board, it represents the pinnacle of playful refinement, inviting enthusiasts to explore a realm where each chess piece becomes a work of art. An investment that goes beyond the ordinary, where every detail testifies to the attention and meticulousness applied to the creation of an invaluable chessboard.


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