Accueil / Brettspiele mit Freunden: unsere Auswahl für geteiltes Vergnügen

Geteiltes Vergnügen: Brettspiele mit Freunden

Brettspiele mit Freunden sind der Mittelpunkt freundlicher Momente und gestärkter Bindungen. Zugänglich und förderlich für soziale Interaktion, bringen sie Lachen und ungehinderte freundliche Wettkämpfe hervor.

Ihre flexible Dauer passt sich entspannten Abenden oder festlichen Momenten an und schafft so unvergessliche Erinnerungen.

Wählen Sie Spiele, die die Freundschaft bereichern, die Verbundenheit pflegen und jede Zusammenkunft mit Freunden in ein unvergessliches Spielerlebnis verwandeln.

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Unsere Auswahl an Brettspielen für das Spielen mit Freunden

Brettspiele, die entwickelt wurden, um angenehme und unvergessliche Momente mit Freunden zu verbringen.
Batman – Remember Challenge Game box - EN

Batman – Remember Challenge

Just like the Dark Knight of Gotham City, use memory and intelligence to carry out your investigations and win the game!


Packshot du jeu de société Sauve ton Permis

Save your Licence!

Become a driving ace without falling into the trap! Challenge each other using your knowledge of road signs, placed in extreme situations. Anything goes, but be careful not to lose all your points…


Boite du jeu de société Batman - QUIZ 500 - EN

Batman – Quiz 500

Immerse yourself in the world of the Gotham City vigilante through these 500 questions based on the Comics! Challenge your friends and find out who is best able to proclaim themselves an expert on the Dark Knight!


Boite du jeu de société Justice League - Ultimate Battle Cards

Justice League – Ultimate Battle Cards

Gather your team of superheroes or supervillains and try to neutralize your opponents and their leader in epic battles.


Jeu de société Aperis Quizz

Aperis Quizz

The general knowledge game! It’s the perfect quiz game to be played while having a drink with friends or with family! Finish in first place by correctly answering questions about sports, cinema, TV series, music, and many other themes!


Jeu de société Family quizz TV Pub - image transparente


Le jeu pour tous les fans de Télévisions et les connaisseurs de publicités ! Quel est le seul joueur français à avoir participé à 4 coupes du monde ? Quelle est la hauteur d’un but de football ? Combien de coupes du monde Pelé a-t-il remporté ? Qu’est-ce qu’un « coup du sombrero » ? Et un, et deux, et…? Répondez au quizz spécial TV et Pub et remportez la victoire !


Vue 3/4 du jeu de société Family Quizz Foot

Family Quizz – Football

The game for all football fans, perfect for reliving the atmospheres you love and testing your knowledge! – Who is the only French player to have participated in 4 World Cups? – What is the height of a soccer goal? – How many World Cups did Pelé win? – What is a ‘sombrero’ move? – And one, and two, and…? Answer this special football quiz and beat your opponents to the finish line!


Save Your Planet ! Game Box

Save Your Planet !

Complete your objective given by the mission card at the beginning of the game. Replace the polluted energy spaces with renewable energy. Discover a new way to learn about polluting and renewable energies!


Fantastic Beasts Game box

Fantastic Beasts

Fantastic animals have escaped to New York City! Play as one of the heroes of the saga and go in search of them before it’s too late!


Jeu de société Family Quizz Culture G

Family Quiz – General Culture

The game for enthusiasts of Art in all its forms, from video games to sculpture, through performing arts and much more. Who plays the Wolf of Wall Street?What color are the Minions?In which neighborhood of New York does Friends take place?Which movie made the singer Louane a star?Who are the 3 brothers? Roll the die, test your general culture and become an expert in more than 10 Art forms.


Jeu de société Tout le monde enquête - image transparente

Everyone Investigate – A game by Natoo

Lead the investigation and discover the culprits of various bizarre crimes and misdemeanors happening in Mysteryville! Be the first to find the culprit, their motive, and the mystery object they used to commit the crime using sketched portraits and witness statements. But beware of baseless clues. Pay attention to the behavior of other players so you can expose them!


Boite du jeu de société Family Quizz Cine Series

Family Quizz – Cinéma & Séries TV

A party game for all cinephiles and series fans! Who plays the Wolf of Wall Street?What color are the minions?In which neighborhood of New York does Friends take place?Which film made the singer Louane a star?Who are the 3 brothers?Which actor portrayed Fox Mulder in The X-Files? Roll the die and test your knowledge with this quiz dedicated to today’s films and TV series!


Jeu de société Optimo

Optimo !

The right word at the right pace! OPTIMO is a fast and clever word game where your quick thinking matters to find the best word that matches the cards in play.


Jurassic World - Dinosaur Battle Game Box

Jurassic World – Dinosaur Battle

Jurassic Park – Dinosaur Battle is an exciting board game that immerses players in the fascinating and dangerous world of Jurassic Park. In the game, players compete by controlling their own dinosaurs and engaging them in epic battles.


Boite du jeu Family Quizz Cuisine et vins

Family Quiz – Cooking & Wine

Finish in first place by correctly answering general knowledge questions on the topics of cuisine and wines!


Jeu de société Bonsoir de Mcfly et Carlito

Bonsoir ! By McFly & Carlito

Good evening! How are we? Are you ready? We’ve adapted and combined all your favourite videos into a single board game that, let’s not lie, rocks. Each square on the board invites you to take on a challenge: Randomly calling people, Anecdote Contests, Mix’N’Twist, Synonym Blind Tests, the Double BAC quiz, Overrated/Underrated, and more. SO, WHO AMONG YOU WILL GET THE MOST LIKES?  


Vue 3/4 du jeu de société Family Quizz - SPORT

Family Quizz – Sport

The game for all sports enthusiasts. Perfect for reliving the highlights of the last 100 years. Who were the 2 finalists of the 2017 Super Bowl?Which Brazilian club is Neymar originally from?Is Boca Juniors a Brazilian or Argentine club?What was Luc Besson’s first profession before becoming a filmmaker? Roll the dice and answer special sports questions to achieve the highest score.


Vue 3/4 du jeu de société Family Quizz Music

Family Quiz – Music from the 80’s / 90’s / 2000s

The game for all fans of music from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, perfect for reliving the atmospheres you love! Which rock star was the lead singer of Nirvana?Who sings ‘Still Loving You’?In 1985, who was the ‘material girl’?Who took off his shirt in the late 90s?Which Puerto Rican artist gave us the 1997 summer hit, ‘Maria’? Roll the dice and test your musical knowledge of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s through lively rounds!


Vue de la boite du jeu de société Presque vrai

Almost True

Forget what you believed was true, you’re about to doubt everything. Guess whether the information on the card is true, false, or almost true!


Jeu de société Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z – Challenge Remember

Discover the world of Dragon Ball Z – Remember Challenge, a game that will test your visual memory. Memorise the 3 sets of 30 varied cards with 2 levels of difficulty. Who will be the first to reveal hidden pairs or triples to collect the most cards in the end?


Boite de jeu 77 - Le jeu de Doc Seven

77 – Doc Seven: the Game

Challenge your friends in epic battles of general knowledge, charades, and drawing…


Naruto - Ninja Training Game box

Naruto – Ninja Training

The 4th Great Shinobi War is about to begin! Naruto joins the Shinobi Alliance in a struggle against the resurrected Kages. Prove your ninja skills through your choices of Technique cards during battles. A standalone game that is also an expansion for Naruto Shippuden – Ninja Fights


Jeu de société Ta mère en slip 2

Your mom in knickers 2

Try to guess the combination you have on your glasses! All the players will discover the characters at the same time. It usually starts with a general burst of laughter! There are hundreds of wacky combinations, making it perfect for playing with friends at home or outdoors. Put on your glasses and have a good laugh!


Jeu de société Cocoriquizz

Cocoriquizz – 100% French Culture

Finish first by answering questions about sports, cinema, TV series, TV commercials, cooking, and French music!


Lord of the Rings - Quiz 1200 Game box

Lord of the Rings – Quiz 1200

Challenge other players and be the quickest to traverse the board in an attempt to save Middle-earth.


Harry Potter – Quiz 300 Game box

Harry Potter – Quiz 300

Take it in turns to answer questions about one of the 8 films and be the fastest to get 5 correct answers to win!


Boite du jeu de société Justice League

Justice League

Reform the Justice League and, with your partners, use your powers and tactics to defeat the greatest threats facing Earth! Unite your group and successfully complete the battles you face!


Lord of the Rings - Quiz 300 Game box

Lord of the Rings – Quiz 300

Dive into the world of The Lord of the Rings and challenge your loved ones with 300 questions about the saga.


Boîte du jeu de société Run 2 Street Topi Games

Run 2 Street

Who will be the fastest to reach the destination ? Use your best BMX, skateboard, or rollerblades to make it to the end of your long journey. Avoid the numerous traps that your opponents will lead you into, and be the first person to reach the finish line ! Challenge your friends in this fun obstacle course game.


Lord of the Rings - Quiz 500 Game box

Lord of the Rings – Quiz 500

Dive into the world of The Lord of the Rings and challenge your loved ones with 500 questions about the saga.


Harry Potter – Remembrall game box - EN

Harry Potter – Remembrall

Enter the world of Remembrall, an exciting game that will put your visual memory to the test. Carefully remember the contents of the 3 decks, each containing 30 unique cards with 2 levels of difficulty. No need for a Pensieve: find the pairs yourself and prove your own skills! Who will uncover the mysterious hidden pairs or triples first?


Harry Potter – Quiz 500 Game box

Harry Potter – Quiz 500

Dive into the world of Harry Potter and challenge your loved ones with 500 questions about the saga. The only rule is not to use the Memory Charm against other players like Gilderoy Lockhart: ‘Obliviate!’ Take turns to answer one of the 5 themed questions about one of the 8 films and be the fastest to get 7 correct answers to win.


Boîte du jeu de société Dragon Ball Super - La Survie de l'Univers de Topi Games

Dragon Ball Super – Survival of the Universe

Zeno, the great king of the universes, decides to organize a tournament where the losing universes will be destroyed. Will you eliminate as many enemies as possible in epic battles within 5 rounds, 10 rounds, or less than 45 minutes? The player with the most warriors on the arena at the end of the game wins the wish of the Super Dragon Balls. Will you be determined enough to face the other tournament warriors ready to do anything to save their universes from certain destruction?


Ta Mère en Slip 1 Boite de jeux

Your mum in knickers

Guess the combination on your glasses!   All players will discover their characters at the same time. It often starts with a general laughter! There are hundreds of wacky combinations, making it a perfect game to play with friends, whether at home or outdoors. Put on your glasses and have fun!


Harry Potter - A year at Hogwarts

Harry Potter – A year at Hogwarts

You have just received your acceptance letter to enter the greatest school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world, Hogwarts, led by the greatest wizard of all time, Albus Dumbledore. Win the House Cup by participating in Quidditch matches and the dueling club. Take your exams in the classrooms and complete your missions, where you will relive all the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends. > Discover the entire Harry Potter universe


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Spiele mit Freunden müssen spezifische Merkmale verkörpern, um den vielfältigen Bedürfnissen der Spieler gerecht zu werden:

Unsere Lizenzen

Um den Kleinen (und den Großen auch) eine Freude zu machen!

Harry Potter

Expelliarmus, expecto patronum… Tauche ein in die Welt von Harry Potter. Spiele für die ganze Familie, aber auch für einen Hogwarts-Fan.
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Affiche du jeu Harry Potter Wizarding World 2


Tauche ein in eine Welt von Ninjas, Strategie und epischen Abenteuern mit den Brettspielen, die vom NARUTO-Universum inspiriert sind. Diese fesselnden Spiele ermöglichen es dir, deine Lieblingscharaktere aus der animierten Serie zu verkörpern und dich in aufregende Kämpfe und gefährliche Missionen zu stürzen.
Entdecke die Spiele
Affiche Naruto

Der Herr der Ringe

Frodo und die Gemeinschaft stellen sich der Dunkelheit, um Mittelerde zu retten. Heroische Quest, epische Schlachten und Opfer prägen dieses Abenteuer. Von der Auenland bis zum Mordor, eine Saga, in der die Hoffnung dem Schatten trotzt. Wirst du unschlagbar in unseren Quizspielen während der Biwaks auf dem Weg zum Schicksalsberg sein?
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Affiche Le Seigneur des Anneaux - L'anneau

Sie haben unsere Brettspiele für das Spielen mit Freunden getestet!

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Erlebe ein einzigartiges Gefühl des Teilens und der Geselligkeit durch unsere leichten, lebendigen und skurrilen Spiele…


Für alle Altersgruppen

Spiele, die für Jung und Alt entwickelt wurden, um gemeinsam zu spielen und Spaß zu haben!


Für alle Anlässe

Partyspiele, um Abende, Familientreffen oder Geburtstage aufzupeppen.


Für alle Geschmäcker

Originelle Spiele und vielfältige Konzepte, die sowohl Enthusiasten als auch Gelegenheitsspieler ansprechen…


Für maximalen Genuss

Spielregeln, die schnell erklärt werden, für stundenlangen Spaß.


Mascotte Topi déguisé en Harry potter

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