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One Piece – Adventure Island


1-8 players

30 to 90 min

Best Seller

Jeu de société One Piece - FR


1-8 players

30 to 90 min

Best Seller

One Piece – Adventure Island

We are in the midst of the golden age of piracy. The legendary king of pirates, Gol D. Roger, left behind a fabulous treasure: the ONE PIECE.

Relive the adventures of the famous Straw Hat Pirates crew and face the many enemies that you will encounter on your journey to find the treasures scattered across the Grand Line. 2 game modes (a story mode and a combat mode between crews).



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Jeu de société One Piece - FR

How to play ?

Embark on the conquest of the 27 islands and relive the best moments of ONE PIECE with 2 game modes:

Relive in this cooperative mode all the adventures of the Straw Hat crew but beware of pirates and Marines who will try everything to plunder your ship and capture you. Defeat Crocodile in Alabasta, destroy CP9, confront Big Mom’s or Kaido’s crew…

Each player plays one of the 12 pirate crews and sets out to conquer the many islands of the One Piece world. Will you be the fastest to control territories, find the most treasures on the islands, complete your missions, and defeat your many enemies? Beware of other crews, Marines, the 7 Warlords, the Supernovae, and the 4 Emperors who could at any moment put an end to your pirate dreams.

Who will be the Pirate King?”

Mascotte Topi-gamesDrapeau qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesCadeau qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesTrophée qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesCible qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-games

1 main board

Jeu de cartes dessin

13 ship sheets

154 Character & Crew cards

119 character cards

203 event cards, log poses, attacks, etc.

326 victory tokens, cannonballs, damage, etc.

8 dices

A storage bag


Is this game suitable for younger players?

Yes, the rules are easy to understand.
After a few games, you will quickly become an expert!
But beware, not suitable for children under three years old!

How long does a game last?

Games last between 30 to 45 minutes!

How to win the game?

Two game modes are possible involving two different victories!

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