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01/18/2024 – Lecture 2 min read

How are board games tested?

It all starts with an idea, but as it materializes, the creator must make decisive choices regarding the game, such as its complexity, the age group it’s suitable for, the materials to be used, etc. Then comes the testing phase before commercialization, which will determine whether a game is validated or not! This is the stage we’ll focus on!

Quality materials
When it comes to creating unforgettable moments, for both young and old, the quality of materials is essential. Testers carefully examine the manufacturing of games, ensuring that each component meets the high standards our customers deserve. At TOPI GAMES, we primarily use FSC-certified cardboard, complying with sustainable forest management procedures.

Suitable for all ages
Our board games cover a wide range of ages, and testing ensures that each game is suitable for its target audience. Whether it’s for toddlers, teenagers, or adults, our games offer a tailored gaming experience for every age group.

Replayability and diversity
A key criterion is replayability. Testers and YouTubers assess the variety of game mechanics to ensure that our games provide an engaging and different experience each time. The diversity of games, from lively parties to educational challenges, is a fundamental aspect considered during these evaluations.

Immersion in the universe
For licensed games, immersion in the worlds of renowned brands is essential. Before a game is launched, several back-and-forths occur between the creator and the licensing company to ensure that all graphic elements and the game itself respect the universe of the license. Testers then evaluate how the games manage to capture the essence of franchises such as Harry Potter,
Naruto, or One Piece, thus creating an immersive experience for fans.

What happens when a game fails the tests?
No need to panic; that’s precisely the purpose of testing a board game. If it receives criticism, it’s an opportunity to improve it and make adjustments so that it’s as comprehensive as possible before its commercialization.

The magic behind the testing of our board games by famous YouTubers
At TOPI GAMES, most of our board games are tested by renowned YouTubers such as Squeezie, Pierre Croce, Michou, or McFly & Carlito. Testing our games by famous YouTubers ensures exceptional selection. Every criterion, from materials to immersion in the universe, is meticulously evaluated, ensuring that our games exceed expectations to provide an exceptional gaming experience for all.


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