One Piece

We are right in the midst of the Golden Age of piracy! The legendary Pirate King Gold Roger left behind a fabulous treasure: the One Piece. Skirmishes among pirates to seize it are rampant. A young boy became elastic after eating the Gum Gum fruit: Monkey D. Luffy. He set sail to become the Pirate King with his crew, experiencing numerous adventures and overcoming many challenges. Now, even the World Government and its four Emperors can no longer pretend to ignore them.
Relive all the adventures of the Straw Hat crew in the first game mode, the story mode, or choose a pirate crew and embark on the conquest of the numerous islands in the world of One Piece, facing other players who will stop at nothing to attack your ship and challenge you to the Davy Back Fight!

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One Piece – Adventure Island

Relive the adventures of the famous Straw Hat Pirate crew and face the numerous enemies that will cross your path in search of treasures scattered across the Grand Line. With 2 game modes available (a story mode and a combat mode between crews).


Relive Luffy’s adventures

Take your exams in the classrooms and complete your missions, reliving the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends.




Two play modes!

Story mode: Play Luffy’s crew in cooperative mode against one or two master players, who will use the Navy and enemies on the various islands to try to eliminate the entire crew.

Crew battle mode:
Each player chooses one of 12 Pirate crews for the entire game.

Win the game!

Each game mode has its own happy ending!
Win the game against the game master(s) who, to win the game, will have to beat all the members of your crew, or get the most victory points by winning battles or controlling the most islands.

One Piece – Challenge Remember

Imagine yourself immersed in the captivating challenge of One Piece Challenge Remember, a game designed to test the limits of your visual memory.

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Etoiles dessin

Your job

Skillfully remember the details of the 3 decks, each containing 30 unique cards, all enhanced with 2 levels of complexity.