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One Piece – Adventure Island

Relive the adventures of the famous Straw Hat pirate crew and face the numerous enemies that will stand in your way to find the treasures scattered on Grand Line. 2 game modes (a story mode and a crew battle mode)

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Relive Luffy’s adventures

Explore the different islands the Straw Hat crew set sail for during their grand voyage! Embark on an adventure and muster the courage to face the mysteries and dangers of the seas!




Two play modes !

Story mode: Play as the Luffy crew cooperatively against one or two player(s) master(s) of the game who will use the Marine and enemies from different islands to try to eliminate the entire crew.

Crew Battle mode: Each player chooses one of the 12 Pirate Crews for the entire game.

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Win the game !

Each game mode has its happy ending !
Win the game against the master(s) of the game who, to win the game, must defeat all the members of your crew or get the most victory points by winning fights or controlling the most islands.


One Piece – Challenge Remember

Specially designed for Little Pirates aged 4 and up, this Challenge Remember is a fun and stimulating experience created to explore the boundaries of their visual memory, as well as yours !

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Your mission

Remember the details of the 3 piles of 30 unique cards, all embellished with 2 levels of complexity.





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