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The Raving Rabbids

Welcome to a delirious and completely crazy world with board games inspired by The Raving Rabbids universe!
These hilarious games plunge you into the chaotic and offbeat world of these adorable but insane rabbits.

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The Raving Rabbids – Heroes

The Raving Rabbids are back for epic battles in 2-player duels or multiplayer battle royales !

Discover the game

Be strategic!

This game is designed for all strategists who love building their decks, but also for enthusiasts of all-out brawls seeking glory and fame. Let the battle begin !




Whacky Characters

Choose your hero among the magician, pirate, knight, scientist, ninja, and hunter.
Adapt your strategy based on your hero and your deck to claim victory.

Win the game!

Make the most of your Moona crystals to use your weapon, stance, item, and trick cards to face other players. But beware of your opponents who will try by all means to eliminate you with their card combos that, depending on the hero, can prove devastating.


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