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Dragon Ball Super – Survival of the Universe


2-6 players

30 to 45 min

Games with friends

Boîte du jeu de société Dragon Ball Super - La Survie de l'Univers de Topi Games


2-6 players

30 to 45 min

Games with friends

Dragon Ball Super – Survival of the Universe

Zeno, the great king of the universes, decides to organize a tournament where the losing universes will be destroyed. Will you eliminate as many enemies as possible in epic battles within 5 rounds, 10 rounds, or less than 45 minutes? The player with the most warriors on the arena at the end of the game wins the wish of the Super Dragon Balls.

Will you be determined enough to face the other tournament warriors ready to do anything to save their universes from certain destruction?



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How to play ?

Place the board in the center and the Attack, Defense, Special, and Event cards beside it. Put all the Warrior tokens nearby. Roll a die to determine the first player. Then, choose a Warrior and the corresponding cards, alternating counterclockwise until each player has 6 Warriors. The 2 Warriors Kefla and Anilaza cannot be chosen at this time as they result from Fusions, i.e., when 2 Warriors fuse to become one.
Everyone receives a Defense, Attack, and Special card.

Mascotte Topi-gamesDrapeau qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesCadeau qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesTrophée qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesCible qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-games

1 main board

80 warrior tokens

Jeu de cartes dessin

89 warrior cards

100 various action cards

120 damage tokens

6 combo dice and 2 regular dice


Is this game suitable for younger players ?

Yes, the rules are easy to understand.
After a few games, you will quickly become an expert!
But beware, not suitable for children under three years old!

How long does a game last ?

It depends on you! You can have games of 10 rounds equivalent to 60 minutes, 5 rounds for 30 minutes, or, as in the official tournament, a 45-minute game.

How does a game unfold ?

Choose your warriors and place them according to your strategy! You can access transformations and warrior fusions to win the battle and keep your warrior on the board!

How to win the game?

At the end of the tournament, the player with the most warriors on the board wins the game!
In case of a tie, victory goes to whoever wins the last battle!

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