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One Piece – Assault on Marine Ford


2-6 players

30 min

Ambiance games

Boite du jeu One Piece Assaut Sur Marine Ford (no Background)


2-6 players

30 min

Ambiance games

One Piece – Assault on Marine Ford

Ace has been captured by the Marines who plan to publicly execute him on Marine Ford Island.

Whitebeard has gathered a massive fleet of pirates to attack the island and attempt to free his adoptive son and 2 commanders of his crew.

The great war is about to begin, choose your side!



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Fiche explicative du jeu One Piece Assaut Sur Marine Ford

How to play ?

Choose your side and fulfill your objective to win the game:

That of Whitebeard and his allies who must find Ace’s handcuff key, free him, and then help him escape. Or that of the Marines who must eliminate Whitebeard and Ace to win.

If at the end of the game, no team has achieved its objective: the winner will be the player with the most characters from their side on the board.

From two to 6 players in cooperation, devise the best combat strategy to win the Assault on Marine Ford!

Nuage qui accompagne la mascotteMascotte Topi-gamesDrapeau qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesCadeau qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesTrophée qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-gamesCible qui accompagne la mascotte Topi-games
Jeu de plateau dessin

1 board

Dès dessin

8 dices

Pion dessin

25 Marine tokens

Pions dessin

25 Whitebeard and his Allies tokens

icône de clé

1 “Handcuff Key” token

Jeu de cartes dessin

20 bonus cards

Cartes dessin

9 Event cards


Is this game suitable for children ?

Yes, the game has been designed to allow young players to play without issues.

Should I have read or watched the Marine Ford arc before playing ?

Since it is an arc that is well advanced in the story, we obviously recommend watching it beforehand, as some elements may be considered spoilers. However, you can still play and watch this arc later.

Is this a DLC for One Piece – Adventure Island ?

No, this is not a DLC for that game, but rather a standalone game.

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